Originally published in the Independent, 06.02.17

Distraction in healthcare can be a blessing in disguise. As a patient, I have appreciated a kind word, a hand held just as the needle goes in, the dressing is ripped off, the unavoidable pain caused. And as a doctor, how much do I strive to soothe and detract from the unpleasantness I must sometimes inflict on those in my care.

But in health politics, distraction is anything but benign. As the NHS quietly implodes around us, Downing Street’s media tactics exhibit a disturbing trend. Just like her special friend across the pond, Theresa May has fully embraced the power of migrant-bashing to divert attention away from inconvenient news. Those NHS disasters you’ve been hearing so much about – the patients dying in corridors or waiting years for surgeries – that’s right, it’s those filthy foreigners to blame. You know, the migrants clogging up the system, pinching all the GP slots and essentially stealing all of our precious NHS cash.  Anyone would think it was time to seal ourselves within a great big British wall.


Posted by:doctoroxford

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